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The Hawks Post will return semester 2!

Hawks Post welcomes new reporters

Fall of 2020 has brought so much change through the classrooms of Shawano Community High School, even the Hawks Post newsroom has not been immune to those changes. This fall we are proud to announce that we have an almost entirely new staff!

After saying goodbye to so many reporters and editors that made the Hawks Post so amazing last year, we recruited five new reporters that will bring new voices to the paper. Those reporters include seniors Macy Monfils, Aiden Nielson, Camden Kroll, Paul Meisner and junior Jacob Polzin. I asked our reporters several questions in hopes that their answers would give readers a little more insight into their personalities.

Where did you originally hear about the newspaper?

“I took it because I needed credits. I didn’t know it was a newspaper,” Nielsen explained. “I thought it was going to be a writing thing, but I’m in the newspaper now.”

“My sister told me about it because she was in the newspaper when she was in high school,” Kroll stated. “I was like, ‘I’ll give it a shot.’”

What is one thing that you want our readers to know about you?

“I like to go snowboarding, I’m on the swim team and I work with my best friends,” Monfils stated.

Monfils and I working on content remotely.

“I guess you could say the stuff that I’m writing about I’m also involved in,” said Polzin.

If you could go back in time and live in any decade, what one would you choose?

“I’d go back to… well, I don’t even know. It’s kinda more like a time period than a decade,” Monfils explained. “Back in like the olden days when they had horses to get around because those kids would have so much fun.”

“It’s going to be weird, but maybe the thirties,” Kroll stated. “I really like this movie Public Enemies. It’s about mobsters. I’d want to be a mobster.”

What is the scariest dream that you have ever had?

“I fell asleep, and then in my dream I was like running around, running around. Then I was in a war,” Polzin explained. “Then I got shot in the war, and I woke up in a hospital bed and my legs were gone.”

“I was at work, and I was supposed to close with help, but everyone left me so I had to close by myself,” Monfils stated. “All these creepy people kept pulling into the driveway and coming up to talk to me. One lady grabbed a gun and was going to like shoot me. Then I woke up because I was really terrified!”

What are you most excited about learning while you’re on the Hawks Post staff?

“How to write a newspaper article, I guess,” Nielsen expressed. “I’m not entirely sure how the whole thing works, so hopefully I’ll be able to figure all of that out soon.”

“Umm, pretty much how to write in the newspaper, because I’ve never really done it before,” Meisner stated.

We are so excited to see how much our reporters grow and improve throughout the semester, and look forward to bringing our readers some great content to get them through the rest of 2020!