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New soccer season start up

A new year has its challenges, but when there is a global pandemic, it gets a little crazy. 

Shawano High School boys soccer coach Andrew Brooks has started his first year as head coach. Brooks is looking forward to the connection he will build with his players in this upcoming season, including seniors Carson Cummings and Nolan Buck. 

“I am really looking forward to this season! We have a great group of boys who are willing to work hard to get better. I look forward to watching them grow and having fun in the process,” Brooks stated.

 Coach Brooks loves to see his players grow as individuals as well as a team, working hard for a successful season. Even with the difficult times they have endured, they still manage to make the best of it.

“I am happy we are able to play! If we look around the surrounding area there are schools and teams that are jealous of us. They are unable to play their sport, and we are able to play on the field. It is an honor and a blessing. We need to continue to do everything in our power to follow the guidelines so we can stay healthy and enjoy our season,” explained Brooks.

There is a good way to look at the situation, and varsity player senior Carson Cummings feels the same way. Cummings also mentioned some of the cons of soccer season due to the coronavirus. 

“Having the coronavirus during the season is really for a lack of better words, a big bummer. We are playing fewer teams than normal (now we are only really playing the good teams, so that’s cool), we can only scrimmage for up to fifteen minutes per practice, and we can’t even high five our teammates after a good play!” Cummings explained. “But truly, I understand the precautions, and as long as we are allowed to have a season, I won’t complain too much.”

Cummings has been in soccer since he was a little kid, but wishes he had put more effort in at the younger age. Being too young was the only thing holding him back, not understanding that he truly enjoyed soccer.

“I was sorta just thrown into the sport at a young age. My dad thought I would like it, so when I was six, he signed me up for the SAY(Shawano Area Youth) program,” Cummings stated. “I really started to fall more in love with it around 8th grade when I realized the potential of the sport. I am upset I didn’t try harder earlier on, but I am glad to still be playing the sport to this day!”

Senior Nolan Buck in uniform

This is a common feeling for student athletes that feel passionate about a sport they enjoy. Varsity player senior Nolan Buck also joined at a young age, but joined for other reasons.  

“I initially became interested in soccer because my siblings were cool when they played, and they always looked like they had fun, so why couldn’t I?” stated Buck. “So I joined SAY soccer, and I saw even more impressive people and moves, and that’s where I got hooked.”

Buck enjoys soccer to great extent, looking forward to the new season and all the excitement. He is hoping that for his senior year, he will have plenty of long lasting memories. 

“Going into this season, I feel we have a good team with good coordination. However, there needs to be a bit more communication,” explained Buck. “With that being said, Coach Brooks has been pushing us to become the best we’ve been and continues to push us. Hopefully, we’ll have a full season of W’s!”