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Shawano Trap Club breaking clays

The year 2020 has faced the nation with a pandemic like no other. From the country shutting down completely, to having to wear masks everywhere, and having to be quarantined, having to adapt to this new lifestyle has been very difficult for most. This pandemic has not stopped seniors Samuel Fritz, Parker Trinko, and Nate Neumann from doing the things they love.

These seniors have not let this pandemic affect their summer or their school year.

“One of the many reasons that I joined Trap was because it is fun, and just being able to be out in the fresh air with my friends and shooting clay targets makes for some good memories,” said Trinko. 

Anyone at Shawano High School can join the Shawano Trap Club.

“There are about 30 people that are involved in the Shawano Trap Club. We shoot every Wednesday or Sunday at the Shawano Gun Club,” said Neumann.

There are a couple things needed for equipment when shooting trap.

“You need to supply your own ammunition, gun, and a trap vest,” said Fritz.

There are only two fees that club members have to pay.

“The first fee the member has to pay is $50 to join the club to cover the membership at the gun club. The other fee is $17 for two boxes of shells and 50 clay targets,” said Neumann.

The main person that runs the Trap Club and sets everything up for the season is Troy Edwards who is the principal at Hillcrest.

 “There are a couple local businesses that really like to help the Trap Club out. They donate money to cover the cost of clay targets so all we have to pay for is ammunation and the $50 to register,” said Trinko.

“Being on the Trap team for Shawano was probably one the [most fun]clubs in high school for me. When I graduate high school I plan to continue shooting trap,” said Fritz.

“If I had the opportunity to continue to be in the high school trap league after I graduate I would definitely continue the sport of trap,” said Neumann.  

Many people think this club is only for guys, but there are many girls that actually participate in this club.

“The requirements to join the Shawano Trap Club is you have to have your hunter safety, and boys and girls grade 6th through 12th grade can join,” said Trinko. 

This league is more than just shooting targets. It helps build confidence in the kids both shooting, and in school. It teaches the kids to work together and help each other out. The kids also learn firearm safety on the course and in the woods. Instructors are there planning and fine tuning the kids shooting skills and gun handling.

“We don’t let anything stop us, we shoot in the rain, snow, and wind. Nothing will stop us from doing the thing we love to do,” said Neumann