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Aspiring Artists- September 2020

This week’s Aspiring Artists come from Mrs. Brooke Wolf’s 4K classes at Hillcrest Primary School in Shawano. 

4-year-old Hallie is currently in Mrs. Wolf’s morning class. Hallie drew not one but two pictures. In her first picture, there is a flower and butterfly with a mini rainbow and the sun in the background. The flower and butterfly are pink because one of Hallie’s favorite colors is pink. In her second picture there is a full rainbow. The young girl loves rainbows. She stated that her two favorite colors are pink and rainbow. Her pictures are a true representation of all of her favorite things.

4-year-old Hallie’s flower picture

4-year-old Hallie’s rainbow picture

4-year-old Myles is currently in Mrs. Wolf’s afternoon class. In his picture there is a portrayal of a man in a storm. In further inspection, the canvas features a blue man and a rainbow storm. Myles favorite color is blue, and that is why the man in his picture is blue. The young boy was not able to decide just one color for his rain, so instead he made the rain all of the colors. His picture fills the entire page and is visually appealing. 

Picture drawn by 4-year-old Myles

This week’s Aspiring Artists each created their own personalized masterpieces. Both pieces of art were unique and one of a kind.