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New vice principal in business

Mr. Rex Wachtel has taken action to become Shawano Community High School’s new vice principal.

“I’ve finished my twentieth year, nineteen of them have been at this school,” said Mr. Wachtel. “I felt that it was time to experience some new challenges.”

The reason why people are hired for positions is not because of how well the two people know each other, but how well that person’s history fits in with the position they are applying for and how successful they have been prior also benefits their chances of getting hired.

“His background with counseling and working with students helps him,” claimed Principal Mr. Scott Zwirschitz. “He has a unique look with making schedules with students. He has had years of experience with schooling and counseling.”

Many have future plans with the position they are after, like a change of schedule or changing  what companies to purchase products from. Mr. Wachtel seems to have some keen ideas about his plans for now, and the upcoming years.

“I think he will do very well,” said Counselor Mr. Bloesl. “He’s very qualified. He has been with us for almost twenty years so he knows a lot about the school. He has the right temperament for the job.”

No matter what job you are working for, every job is going to have difficult challenges to face. Mr. Wachtel explained the different challenges he faces in his new job.

“When I was in counseling I worked with students who had a lot of social and emotional problems. With my new position I work with student behaviors and student management,” said Mr. Wachtel.

Mr. Wachtel also expressed what he thought the school’s strengths are.

“I think we can continue helping everyone as best as they can,” Mr. Wachtel said. “I think they’re doing a good job with communicating with each other.”

Many people do not know what they want to do as their career, and Mr. Wachtel experienced a change of heart as well. 

“I originally planned to do banking for agriculture. I ended up getting my masters in counseling,” claimed Mr. Wachtel. “As I was growing up and going through school, all the teachers and counselors that I met really impacted me to do what I do now.”