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Otto takes on new position

This summer has been very interesting for Ms. Cindy Otto, the Library Media Specialist at Shawano School District. Ms. Otto has been in the Shawano School District for three years now. She had started off as the High School Associate Principal. Ms. Otto has now taken on a new position at Shawano School District as the Library Media Specialist.  

The new job position has many different responsibilities. 

“As Library Media Specialist for the district, I am responsible for the Media Center in all four school buildings. I work with the library aides to make sure the Media Center offers a current selection of books, ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines for our students and staff,” said Ms. Otto.

The coronavirus has really changed how the library is working. 

“Without students being able to come to the library to browse books, we have been working with students and teachers to have students put books on hold. Then, the building library aide checks out the books and delivers them to the students,” said Ms. Otto.

The Shawano School District is changing up how the kids can pick up their books. 

“The libraries are offering curbside pickup for e-learners. We are also looking to develop some sort of mobile library services bringing books and materials to our students working virtually,” said Ms. Otto.

There are some qualifications and classes that need to be completed to become a librarian media specialist.“I will need to take some additional classes in Library Media Certification over the next few years,” said Ms. Otto.

Working with books and kids is very important to Ms. Otto. She likes to help kids with reading and learning new things.

“This is my 3rd year at Shawano School District. I was High School Associate Principal for two years, now starting as District Library Media Specialist,” said Ms. Otto.

Working with the Shawano School District has been very enjoyable for Ms. Otto. 

“I love my new position. Super excited to work with students, books, reading, research and more,” said Ms. Otto. 

She is looking forward to helping others with reading as well. This job is new and exciting, and she likes the new challenge. 

“The librarian does more than just checking out books. You have to organize the books, get them ready for kids to check them out, and also we are starting our new curbside pick up. We are trying very hard to get E-learners books to their houses as well,” said Ms. Otto.

“This school year is going to be very unusual. It is going to be tough but the School District is taking the right steps to try and get the school year back to normal,” said Ms. Otto.