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Pets of Shawano: Andy the chinchilla

This week in Pets of Shawano, I will be discussing my pet chinchilla Andy.

Chinchillas are a rather uncommon pet to own, and most people today do not know what a chinchilla even is. Some like to say it is a rabbit squirrel hybrid. A chinchilla is a type of rodent that originates from the Andes Mountain range on the western side of South America. 

This is Andy, a one year old male chinchilla. They may be loving and sweet looking, and not to mention tempting to squeeze and snuggle up with, however how snuggly they are all depends on the chinchilla’s personality. Andy unfortunately is not too keen of being handled in his cage, but once he is brought out he will let you do just about anything to him. He loves raisins and will be anyone’s best friend if tempted with raisins and can never get enough chin scratches.