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Students get to work

This school year has been very different for Parker Trinko, Andrew Puissant and Aidan Berry, students at Shawano Community High School. These students have been through a lot within the past couple months, from going to school once a week to going all virtual for two weeks. None of this has stopped Puissant, Trinko or Berry from working. 

School to Work is a program that the school district provides for students to go to school, work and also earn elective credits at the same time.

“School to Work is a great program. I go into work at six in the morning and get done with work at 11 a.m., and then I go right to school,” said Trinko. 

Some of the things that are needed to be qualified for School to Work are that, “you need to be a junior or senior and have to have enough class credits to be able to graduate on time. If you do not have a job, the program will help get you set up with one,” said Berry.

Having the School to Work program has multiple benefits. Each student that has School to Work will go to school and at lunch time will go to work or vice versa. 

 “Some of the benefits of having School to Work is you get paid to be at work and not to be at school. Also, you get one elective credit for School to Work for each period that you have School to Work,” said Trinko.

The Shawano School District supplies kids with many classes such as Tech Ed classes and many more. The School to Work program does supply kids with jobs if needed. If they are going into a certain career, the program would like students to take classes that pertain to the career path they are going to be taking.

“There are some types of jobs that do not work for the School to Work program. You have to have a job that relates to the classes that the Shawano School District supplies for us,” said Berry. 

If it was not for this program students would not have the work ethic that most adults do. Having to be trained by older more knowledgeable adults about work ethic and showing up on time has really helped many students. 

“If I could redo my junior year, I would definitely be in the School to Work program because I have a job that is the career that I want to go into.  It really helps me learn the main parts of what I want to do in my future,” said Puissant. School to Work is a great program to be able to get students a little knowledge of what their career ahead of them is going to be about.

Many businesses in Shawano go to schools and ask them to send students in the program to their business because it is hard to find workers with good work ethic and ones that will show up on time for work. 

“Some of the ways you can get in contact with the program director is to email your school counselor, or you can go to student services and pick up the information from there,” said Berry. 

Once students are in school to work there are a couple requirements that they need to know. Every job owner will go over requirements with students and also check in with them to make sure they are caught up on their homework and are getting good grades.

“One of the first requirements is you have to have 20 hrs of work put in for the week. That is the minimum. The second thing is you have to keep up on your grades, and also you cannot be slacking off on your job or anything because the program can fire you from your job,” said Trinko.  

“I would definitely recommend this program to other high school students. It is a very well thought out program. It teaches the students what work ethic really is and what the real world is all about,” said Trinko.

Parker Trinko

Aidan Berry

Andrew Puissant