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Tech Ed Spotlight

The year 2020 has brought a pandemic like no other, it has a very big effect on our schools and everything else in our daily lives. Nate Neumann, Andrew Puissant, and Parker Trinko students at Shawano Community High School have not let this stop them from taking some of their favorite classes in the Tech Ed department. These students have been shop people throughout their high school career. This pandemic has really stopped these two students from being in the shop because when they are not at school students can not be in the shop.

This school year has been a bit chaotic for most. From being online to having to quarantine for two weeks and not knowing if students will be going back to school even.

“One of the things I was really looking forward to this school year was being in the workshop building sheds and many other things. With the school year taking a turn for the worst, it has not been the best for me. I am only able to do online assignments,” said Neumann.

Working in the Tech Ed classrooms has been a bit of a change this year. Working in school for one day a week to now being all virtual and not knowing when and if students will be going back to school. The Shawano School District has been doing their best to keep things going smoothly as possible and taking the right precautions.

“I’ve been a student in the Tech Ed classrooms since I was a freshman in high school. I’ve never seen anything like this happen before. It is very hard to weld when you’re online for classes, but lucky for me I have a welder at my house, and I practice right in my garage. I plan to go to college for welding after I get out of high school so it is a good thing that I have a welder to keep up the practice of my welds,” said Trinko.

There are many things going on in Residential Building this semester. Because of going all virtual it has put a stop to all the things that were planned to get done. When school goes back to normal the class is planned to get all of it done before the semester ends.

“Some of the things we’ll be working on is finishing up the shed from last year that we started. We just have to finish up the inside of the shed which is electrical, build a vanity, and drywall the inside of the shed to finish it up so it can get sent out to be sold. Once that is done we will be starting on another shed if things go as planned,” said Puissant. 

It is very unclear what the Shawano School District plans to do. They are either going to stay all virtual or they are going to go back to school one day a week again. When students get back to school all the Tech Ed classes are going to have to be caught up on their projects so they don’t fall behind any further.

“Going back to school will be very helpful for those that are in Tech Ed classes because these types of classes are easier to learn hands-on,” said Trinko

“It’s going to be an interesting school year to come. Whether it’s virtual or in-person it’s not going to be the same as it was when school was five days a week,” said Neumann.