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SCHS students cope with virtual schooling

With the current schooling situation, many schools have been forced to make all classes virtual. At Shawano Community High School, this has completely changed the learning processes for senior Calvin Schultz, junior Riley Siegfried and freshman Morgan Nielson.

“I find it harder to get extra information on subjects from the teachers,” said Schultz.

All students’ classes have had to adapt to the new way of learning. Some of them have had to completely rewire how their classes will be set up for the school year. Siegfried explained how his classes have been changed. 

“It’s hard to weld when you don’t have the necessary equipment for it, and English hasn’t really changed,” Siegfried said. “For choir, it’s difficult to sing on Google Meets.”

Since the 2019-2020 school year’s virtual experience, teachers have changed their policies and how they prepare the assignments. Schultz mentioned his thoughts on both years of virtual experience.

“I’d say that I like last year’s virtual a lot better,” said Shultz. “You didn’t have to worry about making it to any Google Meets.”

How teachers help the students has a big impact on how they will perform, and some students are concerned with the workload.

“I think they should take a poll and see how much work is actually getting done,” Siegfried said. “I feel that sometimes they overload us on homework.”

Since every class has been affected differently, some classes seem to feel as if they are harder than others. Nielson had mixed feelings about the subject.

“I find drawing to be the most difficult. It’s hard to figure out the drawing techniques by yourself,” said Nielson. “I find history to be the easiest since it’s just taking notes and tests.”

Students already face many distractions throughout the school day, and at home there are many many more. Siegfried explained how often he gets distracted at home.

“I get distracted all the time, I have chores that I have to do throughout the day as well as feeding myself,” Siegfried said.

Many students’ grades have been fluctuating ever since the Shawano Schools went virtual.

“Due to being in football, I’ve noticed that I don’t have enough time to finish all of my schoolwork,” explained Siegfried. “I learn by asking questions, so it’s easier for me to be hands on.”

Morgan Nielson on a Google Meet

Many students enjoy going to school with their friends instead of virtually, so it is no surprise that students cannot wait to get back to hanging out with their friends and teachers.

“I really miss my friends,” said Riley. “I really hope I can go back to school and see all of my friends.”