A Project for Better Journalism chapter

Hawks Post Staff: 2018-2019


Sawyer Pyawasay

Hi, Im SaWyEr AnD yOu’Re wAtChInG dIsNeY cHaNnEl…. Nooooo just kidding this is just a little bio, so you can learn a bit about me. You want to get to know me, well if I went into detail we’d be here for hours, so I’ll keep it simple and short. I like animals dogs mainly, I mean common man’s best friend. Cats are a different story. I’d rather have a duck and goose. I’m going into the Navy, and am shipping out July 16th. I sleep a lot and watch Netflix. That’s basically my life in a nutshell. PeAcE oUt HoMie.


Haley Sheldon

Hi, I’m Haley Sheldon. In my free time I enjoy drawing/painting, watching YouTube and spending time with my friends and family. I spend a lot of my time at cheer practices and competitions, and I love dancing and tumbling! I hope you take some time to read some of my articles, and I hope you enjoy them.


Anika Boye

Hi, I’m Anika Boye, but you can just call me ‘Ann(e)’. I’m a Danish exchange student here at Shawano, which is super exciting! (Maybe not for you, but for me it definitely is!) After school I love to play sports, use way too many hours on Netflix and playing my ukulele. This is my first year writing for the Hawks Post, so you should definitely go check out some articles! See you in the hallway!


Adriana Pillsbury

Hey, I’m Adriana. In my free time I’m normally either cheering, sleeping or hanging out with Megan and Caprice. Nicki Minaj is my favorite person in the world. I’m most likely the funniest person you’ll ever meet, don’t @ me. I love Caramel Frappes and pretty much everything McDonald’s has on the menu. This is my first year in newspaper :), so thanks for reading my stuff!!


Brianna Schroeder

Hello, I’m Brianna Schroeder. This is my first year of writing for the school newspaper. I really love bubble baths, face masks, and chocolate. You will find me either babysitting or sitting at home.


Caprice Rush

Hey there! I’m Caprice. If  I’m not at school or cheer, you can find me watching Black Panther, sleeping, or eating. In that order. Whenever I feel like getting out of bed, I hang out with Megan and Adriana. My two favorite things are dogs and sad music. Also, in that order. I feel like I am probably the biggest comedian on the planet @Adriana. This is my first year as a member of the Hawks Post and hopefully it goes well. I’m optimistic!


Sarah Carlson

Hey, my name is Sarah and my life is extremely boring, but have fun reading some of my articles!


Jewel Waupekenay

Hey, my name is Jewel Waupekenay. I’m usually playing softball, shopping, or hanging out at Tori DePerry’s house. I love country music, and I’m a huge fan of tuna salad and mashed potatoes–not together, but separately they’re really good. This is my first year being a member of the Hawks Post, and I’m really looking forward to it!


Grace Licausi

Hey broskis, I’m Grace Licausi. This is my first year being a reporter for the Hawks Post. I really love cats, binge-watching Shawn Dawson conspiracy videos, and tennis with my doubles partner (s/o to Lydia Dobberstein). If I’m not in the Taco Bell drive through, then I am hanging out with my guinea pig, Janice. Thanks for taking 10 seconds to read about me– now go read my articles.


Devyn Jessogne

Hey, I’m Devyn Jessogne. I love reading and writing in my free time and I hope to make a career out of it as well, writing my own novels or writing for performance purposes such as stage and film. I also love watching movies (currently obsessed with Bohemian Rhapsody), I make the best mug of coffee, and I enjoy participating in theatre and show choir. I am also really excited to be writing for the Hawk’s Post!


Sara Podavini

Hey! I’m Sara Podavini, and I’m an exchange student from Italy. I love sports, music, politics, arts and free nature. I’m a very sarcastic person, and I enjoy being surrounded by people. I’m looking forward for a great time here in Shawano.


Autumn Vanderlinden

Hi, I’m Autumn Vanderlinden, and I enjoy dance, reading, watching old vines, and watching The Office. You will either find me in the swim office, at Jenna or Ian’s house, or in my bed. My favorite person on earth is my lazy cat, Rico. It’s my second year on the newspaper, and I would really love if you would go read my articles for my views!


Georgia Eggert

Hello there! I’m Georgia Eggert, and this isn’t my first rodeo in writing for the school newspaper. I’m a fanatic for ice cream and traveling the world. Don’t enjoy reading my articles too much, and have fun reading the rest from the Hawks Post.


Peyton Buerman

Hey there, I’m Peyton Buerman, and I enjoy hunting, traveling, singing and watching ridiculous amounts of Netflix in my free time.  I’m also a big fan of my dog and brother; they are my favorite people. I also love playing tennis and soccer as well as making sarcastic comments about pretty much anything.  I hope you enjoy all of the wonderful stories of the Hawks Post.