A Project for Better Journalism chapter

Hawks Post Staff: 2019-2020


Karisa Komettor

Hello I’m Karisa Komettor, and my nickname is Kassy. I am a very artistic and creative student. I love reading and writing creatively. I have a bit of an attitude, but I am very nice and sweet when you get to know me. 


Mickey Komettor

Hi! My name is Makaylen Komettor, but most people know my as Mickey. This is the first year of writing for the Hawks Post as a reporter. I enjoy hunting, fishing, sleep and overall having fun with my friends. I am excited to see what happens next in the school newspaper and all the new people I get to meet.   


Caprice Rush

Hi, my name is Caprice, and I am an editor back for my third semester on the Hawks Post, and I’m glad to be back! You can still find me at cheer or school; that hasn’t changed. My hobbies include working, shopping, sleeping and writing for the Hawks Post. I don’t really have anything interesting to say in my bio so stop reading this, and read my articles.

Autumn Vanderlinden

Hi, I’m Autumn Vanderlinden, and you’re reading the Hawks Post! This is my third and, sadly, my last year on the paper. I do spend a lot of my time working, writing new content, dancing and spending time at Ian’s and Jenna’s houses. Please read my articles so I can have the most views!


Georgia Eggert

Hello there! I’m Georgia Eggert (AKA Gorga), and I’ve been in newspaper for three years. Unfortunately this is my last hurrah as I am a senior. I love to play sports, spend time with friends and family; most of all I love the newspaper crew. Everyone calls me quirky, but I’m not sure where they get that from. Don’t enjoy reading my articles too much, and have fun reading the rest from the Hawks Post.


Peyton Buerman

Heyo.  I’m Peyton Buerman, also known as P-Money, and this is my third and final year in the newspaper.  If you see me around school, you will probably see me stressing or walking with a mean face. I promise I’m not mean, or at least I think I’m not, but I may be a little biased.  If you see me around outside of school, I’m probably playing tennis, soccer, spending time with my family or three friends and finding other ways to waste my time. Anyways, check out some of my articles and the other beautiful people on the staff if you want.  If not that’s cool too.