A Project for Better Journalism chapter

Hawks Post Staff: 2017-2018


Morgan Johnson

My name is Morgan. If you’re looking for me, you’ll most likely find me in the theatre or choir room. Most times I like my bed and music better than people. Sarcasm is my specialty. My hobbies include watching a whole show on Netflix in one weekend and singing and acting.  


Autumn Vanderlinden

Hi, I’m Autumn Vanderlinden. On my freetime I watch old vines and Netflix.


Georgia Eggert

Hello there! I’m Georgia Eggert, and this is my first time writing for the school newspaper. I’m a fanatic for ice cream and traveling the world. Don’t enjoy reading my articles too much, and have fun reading the rest from the Hawks Post.


Peyton Buerman

Hey there, I’m Peyton Buerman, and I enjoy hunting, traveling, and watching ridiculous amounts of Netflix in my free time.  I also love playing volleyball and soccer as well as making sarcastic comments about pretty much anything.


Jenifer Peralta

I’m Jenifer with one ‘n’ and two last names. I love caffeine and Spanish music. I also love hanging out with friends and napping. Puns are my first love, and my dogs are my second.


Josh Prokash

I am a student at SCHS, a senior, and also a writer. I’m attempting to learn Russian, Japanese, a bit of German, and a really small bit of Icelandic. I write and play video games in my free time, and enjoy the company of close friends and solitude.

Kendall Bricco

My name is Kendall Bricco and I am a senior. This is my first year doing the school newspaper. A few things I like to do include spending time with my friends and family, taking risks and going on long adventures.


Megan Jessup

I’m Megan and I’m a senior. This is my first year in the newspaper. I enjoy photography, baking and hanging with friends.


Taylor Hodkiewicz

My name is Taylor Hodkiewicz and I am a senior at Shawano High. Three things I really enjoy are going on adventures that have pretty sceneries, camping, and hanging out with my friends!


Jon Laude

My name is Jon Laude. I am a senior. I enjoy hunting, fishing and spending time in the great outdoors.

Nam Corn

My name is Nam Corn, I am a senior, this is my first time being in newspaper. I enjoy being outdoors, hunting, fishing and playing sports.


Lydia Williams

Hello! My name is Lydia Williams. Besides being involved in the newspaper, I  serve as the President of the Shawano FFA Chapter. I also play tennis. Sydney Steinbach is my doubles partner, and we have a blast playing together. Some of my favorite hobbies are hanging out with my family, shopping at TJ Maxx, camping and eating ice cream. I have two goofy dogs, two cats and two super sassy horses. My favorite color is yellow because it is a super happy color. Please check out my stories and the rest of the Hawks Post!


Danielle Hilley

“My name is Danielle, I am a senior this year. Three things that I enjoy include: traveling to 3rd world countries, laughing at stupid jokes and forcing everyone to endure the wrath of my sass.”


Sydney Steinbach

Hi, I’m Sydney Steinbach. If you ever see me around I’m probably wearing overalls and eating some type of granola. I compulsively collect wildflowers and rocks from various places around the world and I have a weird love for abstract words, hedgehogs, and conversations with strangers. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. 🙂