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Tri-M induction starts off on good note

November 9, 2018 5:01pm | Sarah Carlson

Tri-M started off the 2018-2019 school year with the induction of new members. Each year people from band, orchestra and choir all try out to be a part of the Shawano Community High School Tri-M Music Honor Society. This year, 12 new members were inducted […]

Middle School Outreach – November edition

November 9, 2018 5:01pm | Peyton Buerman, Editor-in-Chief

I want to give a huge “thank you” to all of the Middle School students that submitted questions.  I am so happy that I can try and answer as many questions as possible this year. Keep submitting questions!   Question: Is High School hard?   […]

Meet Your Hawks- November 2018

November 9, 2018 5:00pm | Caprice Rush

Dying to Party

November 9, 2018 4:59pm | Devyn Jessogne

Shawano Community High School’s second year throwing a Day of the Dead celebration party hosted by the Spanish Club was on November 1. This included food and fun for all involved. The fall of 2017, the club members decided to get together with Mrs. Waleska […]

FAAR club: Going far to help

November 9, 2018 4:59pm | Anika Boye, reporter

Shawano Community High School provides many options when it comes to clubs. One of these clubs is FAAR club, a club about spreading awareness about abusive relationships. Together with advisor Mrs. Kandi Krueger, students help spread the word about abusive relationships through different activities. “We […]

Shawano Orchestras rock on with Mark Wood

November 9, 2018 4:58pm | Peyton Buerman, Editor - in - Chief

On November 3 and 4, the Shawano orchestras performed a two-day concert at the high school auditorium with music composer and previous performer in the Trans Siberian Orchestra, Mark Wood. The Shawano High School Orchestra typically plays a concert every year with music involving a […]

Student Art Showcase: November 2018

November 8, 2018 4:41pm | Sara Podavini

Pets equal to happiness One of the first projects for the Photography class was self portraits. Students had to take at least three photos and show them to their class for a critique. After picking one of them, they had to edit it, print it […]

Curious incident of the fall play

October 30, 2018 2:52pm | Caprice Rush, reporter

Many people go to High School plays to be entertained, but for the people that are acting, the play is so much more. Every year the theater enthusiasts at Shawano High School get together and put on the fall play. This year the play was […]

FCS getting active and involved in Shawano High

October 30, 2018 2:52pm | Grace Licausi

The Fellowship of Christian Students is a new club at Shawano Community High School, in which members do volunteer work, trivia, fundraising and other activities. The advisors of this club are Mrs. Sarah Wilkinson, Mrs. Megan Pyatskowit and Mrs. Elizabeth Alexander, and the president is […]

Exploring down under

October 30, 2018 2:52pm | Georgia Eggert, editor

The Shawano Community High School Challenge classes recently took a trip to Chilton Wisconsin. There, the group went spelunking through Carolyn’s Caverns at Ledge View Nature Center. They learned new and exciting things while exploring nature’s mysteries. The definition of spelunking is the exploration of […]